Why You Run For Romantic Music ?


1 ) Brings You At Rest : When in a state of excitement due to your new year gift or anxiety due to unnecessary argument with your friend, music will do it all & help you get over the acute disease of pain. When your senses are working more than requirement, it calms you down making you stable. Positive things appear in head despite several faults of the moment.


2 ) Helps Realize The Errors : When a meeting with your lover becomes unsuccessful due to unavoidable circumstances, music is what you need for the next plan. It’s difficult to understand why the brain functions accurately in the love-aspect rather than the exam-aspect but the fact being true gives you fun & hope.


3 ) Makes You Feel The Wind : You can’t see it but become peaceful once it touches you, it’s the wind. And the same peace comes when your lover’s memories touch you but you can’t see him around. The twists in the beats of soft music give you enchanting effect and bring you to dance sometimes because they link you to your loveliest reality.


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3 years ago