Top 10 Richest Actors/ Celebrities in the world….


10. Adam Sandler, age 47, $340 million
He is best known for his funny character in Hollywood industry. he received 3 MTV awards, 2 teen choice awards, 11 kids choice awards etc. he started his acting career with comedy show the Cosby Show (1984) and Saturday Night Live(1990).


9. Clint Eastwood, age 84, $370 million
Clint Eastwood is an American actor, director and producer. He is best known for his academy award- gaining movie Unforgiven, as well as he got nomination got best actor. He is well known for his characters as man with no name in Spaghetti Western and Harry Callahan in dirty Harry.


8. Bill Cosby, 77, $380 million
Bill Cosby is an American stand- up comedian. He is also an actor. producer, musician, educator. He started his film career with 1 spy TV Series(1965). In 1996 he acted in the Bill Cosby show.


7. Tom Hanks, 58, $390 million
This American actor and filmmaker actually wanted to be an astronaut. He started his career with film he knows you're alone(1980). His best works are forest crump, staving private ryan, catch me if you can, the Da Vinci Code,etc


6. Jack Nicholson , 78, $400 million
This American actor holds highest number of nominations in the Academy awards. he won 3 Oscars, 6 golden globe awards and many more.


5. Tyler Perry, 46, $450 million
Tyler Perry was born on September 13,1969. He is an American actor, director, screen writer, play writer, produce. he changed his name form Emmitt Perry Jr. to Tyler Perry for keeping distance from his father who used to beat him. he started his film career with diary of a mad back women.


4. Jonny Depp, 51, $450 million
You can remember this person as Jack sparrow in Pirates of the Caribbean. He is an American actor as well as Musician.


3. Tom Cruise, 52, $ 480 million
This handsome guy is an American film actor and film producer. He started his career with the film End less love. He was awarded with 3 golden globe Awards, two people choice awards.


2. SRK, 49, $600 million
Who does not know the name of this Bollywood actor. He is the king of Bollywood movies. He started his career with " Deewana" and never looked back.


1. Jerry Seinfeld, 62, $ 820 million
He is a famous American stand up comedian, as well as a good writer actor and a successful film producer. He is famous for his THE SEINFELD CHRONICLES an American television sitcom


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