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rang rasiya haider movie

What the film and the lead stars do later, the poster of a film does much earlier – creating an apt anticipation for any movie. And while Bollywood films remained stubborn on cashing high with their promotional stings, the posters do their own work too.

Narrating the first look of the film, Bollywood films’ posters partially speak for the success or failure for the film. The very first step in order to attract the target audience, any poster of a particular film tends to communicate what a movie-goer would expect from makers of the film.
This year too, Bollywood films arrived with striking and surprising posters giving audience their chances to build expectations. Here follows top 10 Bollywood films’ posters of 2014, have a look!

ek villain ragini mms 2 movie

Ragini MMS 2: Sunny Leone starrer horror erotica film already had much to its credit with the actress' sexy persona. Adding more to the anticipation was the poster in which Sunny Leone was shown sitting nude alongside a spooky wall and a door. The poster however called for a bit controversy.

Ek Villain: The musical hit of 2014, Riteish, Shraddha and Sissharth Malhotra starrer film surely made a huge success. And the buzz around Ek Villain built strong after an intense poster showing the trio got revealed. Both Riteish and Siddharth garnered a lot of accolades for their respective passionate looks in the film.

kick salman khan hate story 2 movie

Kick: Salman Khan starrer giantly successful film, Kick revealed the actor's first look with a sense of mystery in the poster. Wearing his all rusty charm with a bearded look, Salman levelled up the heights of curiousity for his ardent fans through the poster. What came as more vital in the look was that mask hanging behind the actor's neck that definitely mystified the buzz around the film.

Hate Story 2: Surveen Chawla and Jay Bhanushali starrer Hate Story 2 garnered the entire attention it required with the release of its first poster. In the poster, the sense of vengeance was evidently communicated through the way Surveen was shown sitting partially nude on a bed with those raging expression holding a pistol in hand.

finding fanny

Finding Fanny: Quite unusual and quirky, the poster of Finding Fanny revealed all the five interesting characters it has. While Deepika Padukone was looking for love, Arjun Kapoor looked out for romance, Naseeruddin Shah went in search for life, Dimple Kapadia was all on for fun and Pankaj Kapoor, for passion.
Like the concept of the film, the film marked for an innovative apporach and definitely gave a rare visual treat to the audience with its poster.

mary kom mardani movie

Mary Kom: It was a heart-blood-sweat-soul first look for Mary Kom. In the poster, an overtly furious Priyanka was shown in and as Mary Kom. Those chiseled muscles and to-die-for expressions surely called for tons of praises that the makers and Priyanka welcomed after the release of the poster.

Mardaani: Roasting her uber talented image and the dominating female characteristics, Rani Mukerji Chopra looked terrific and confident in her look. The poster visibly jutsified the women empowerment by highlighting strong and bold Rani in it.
The film's poster alone carried a no-nonsense buzz about Ranin and the actress received many rave views for her performance in the film.

PK Aamir khan movie

PK: One of the most controversial things of 2014 in Bollywood was PK's poster. Aamir Khan standing on a deserted railway track with those crazy-confusing expresson on his face were enough to create a longing buzz for the film. But what added to the film's 'want-ability' was that transistor covering the man's modesty.
The idea of this 'hatke' poster was not appreciated well by many resulting a legal fuss creation. However, the honourable court stated it the matter of pure art and communication and thus the legal bans from the poster were taken off.

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