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Sami Khan could be described as genuinely Talented, sincere and faithful towards music, Very Fresh at his music, perhaps soft-spoken and friendly with a brillient sense of humor.
These days working upon the Personal album "Lekin" which is being recorded at different Studios with highly acliamed professional musicians like, Xulfi, Asad Kamal and Sami Khan him self.
"Lekin" has twelve tracks, a sure treat to soul of all age music listeners. heart touching lyrics and the passion of Sami Khan's Vocals along with brilient players enchants
the soul of listeners and delivers calm fresh and encouraging essence to life.

Believing in nothing but himself and showing true dedication towards the soul of balladry pop music Pakistani audiences have always bowed to, Sami khan has made it through waves of ever-changing trends of music in Pakistan over the past 7 years. getting ahead step by step and holding his talent in one place that is the heart of the fans....Sami khan is almost there..

Starting off in the rem...ote Peshawar SK has gone through many phases and evaluations over the past, but always made an impact due to their melodic musical content topped off with ticklingly emotional lyrics. After conquering the local Peshawar Pop scene the band moved to Islamabad to give a proper channel to his talent, which eventually lead them into the competitive Lahori music scene. Equipped with mellow heart-felt melodies and lyrics it is no surprise that Lagan has made its own niche in Lahore.The proof of the Talent that has made SK strive for so long is that 2 of His melodies " Pal " and " Meri Jaana " were taken by Mr.Shoaib Mansoor for the Famed "Khuda Kay Liye" as a melody for the songs "Janie Janie" and "Humaray Hain" respectively. Handpicked by the creative and energetic heads Like Xulfi and Xth harmonic and managed by the prominently prestigious Jilawatan productions, sami as Lagan has had two of their Videos "Udasi" and "Yaad Aaonga" played excessively on all Pakistani music channels as they were a hit. SK has no plans of stopping anywhere yet. Pushed by their everlasting passion for music,Sami khan indeed has many more spotlights to bask in...

Thaam Lu

Thaam Lu by Sami Khan

and you can download Thaam Lu

Posted by Sami Khan on Friday, June 21, 2013

So Ja by Sami Khan (Movie: Swaarangi)

So Ja by Sami Khan (Movie: Swaarangi)

Music by Sami Khan [Official Fan Page] (black Mug productions) So Ja by Sami Khan (Movie: Swaarangi)

Audio Link

Posted by Sami Khan on Monday, September 30, 2013


Sab Chalta Hai By SAMI KHAN.

SAB CHALTA HAI is purely dedicated to all those young blood who are enthusiastic and passionate enough to seek good time and joy in every my buddies shout aloud and enjoy your life coz... SAB CHALTA HAI

Posted by Sami Khan on Friday, March 29, 2013


Neela Aasman So gaya - Cover by Sami Khan

NEELA AASMAN SO GAYA - Cover by Sami Khan

Singer: Sami Khan
Director: Rajaas Tahir
Video Production: One Frame Media & PR
Audio Production: Black Mug Production
Guitars: Tahir Abbas
DOP: Muhammad Salman & Fatima Hanif
Youtube link:

This song was originally sung by Amitabh Bachchan in movie Silsila which was released in 1981. This song is a tribute to Living legend Amitabh Bachan from across the border. Keeping in view the current tensions and war scenarios between India & Pakistan we feel that Music is what brings you closer as there are no borders in Music. #SayNoToWAR

Posted by Sami Khan on Saturday, September 24, 2016


Catch Lekin by Sami Khan now on Pepsi Mtv Indies

Sami Khan has once again maintained the musicale purity and the mellow feel.After giving the big hits like ‘’mai yaad aonga “ and “ pal ”,Sami Khan has another melodias surpurise for you all “LAKIN”.......Listen ,Enjoy and share ,Love You All.

Posted by Sami Khan on Friday, August 14, 2015

main yaad aaonga -lagan

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