Salman Khan doing Shah Rukh Khan’s signature pose at Filmfare Awards 2015



Salman Khan doing Shah Rukh Khan's signature pose at Filmfare Awards 2015
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Recently at the 60th Filmfare awards show, none other than our Dabangg Khan copied the same step of Shah Rukh Khan.

It would have not been that interesting if some other actor would have copied the same pose. But interestingly Shah Rukh Khan’s frenemy Salman Khan has copied that pose in front of many Bollywood actors at the awards night.

Watch the video where Salman Khan does the patent pose of Shah Rukh Khan. Salman Khan definitely looks cool while performing that pose.

The story goes, that Salman Khan and Karan Johar were on stage when host Kapil Sharma asked Karan to copy one of Salman’s signature dance move. To which Salman replied that before that, Karan should do Shah Rukh’s signature pose and he even demonstrated the pose for him.

The entire world knows that the two had a fall out way back in 2008 at Katrina’s birthday bash and have patched up back after years.

Well its clear that Salman Khan has forgotten all grudges with Shah Rukh Khan.

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3 years ago