Reasons Why Salman Khan’s Fiance Iulia Vantur Is Wrong For Him.


1. Salman has dated a lot of actresses and models in the past and each of these beauties have been far better than Iulia.


2. While most of his fans are eagerly waiting for the actor to tie the knot, we would have preferred it to be a desi girl rather than a foreigner.


3. His ex-girlfriends, Aishwarya Rai chose Bachchan pariwar and Katrina Kaif chose Kapoor khandan to settle down in life. So Salman Khan too should chose a partner suitable of his stature and stardom in Bollywood.


4.f people made fun of Shahid and Mira's age gap, they are not going to leave the 15 years age gap between Salman and Iulia.


5. Very rarely foreigners live in a joint family! With Salman Khan's pariwar being so huge, will Iulia be able to handle it?


6. We all know how Salman has a thing for foreigners! There might be a slight possibility that she too is just one of those phases and that she is not really her type!


7. Salman has launched many actors and actresses in Bollywood like Aishwarya Rai to Katrina Kaif. Is it possible that Iulia like Katrina is only friends with Salman for the career help?


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3 years ago