Nobody – Chief Keef Ft. Dee Potts – English – (Free Download Audio Mp3 Song) – 2016

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Song Name: Nobody
Singers: Chief Keef Ft. Dee Potts
Category : English Singles

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Song Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Frontline shit, we don't need nobody
Focus on our shit, we don't see nobody
He talking big shit, but he nobody
Fuck with [?] nobody
Remember you would love me so, please don't hate me
Cause I'll fuck you up, so please don't play me
Be laying in your grass off them pills cause I'm shady
Ain't gon shoot to kill cause I might hit a baby
I shoot you when you come out in your face with the wood stick
Just for coming at me i get tough with that bullshit
Bool with the tool cause I know these niggas plotting
Got my middle fingers up cause I know them bitches watching
You won't last in the streets, nigga you ain't got no knowledge
You got rob cause you in there bussing chains in that rikers
I take that skurt and that molly and I hit it tiil it [?]
He acting like he real, over here we got the tek

[Verse 2]
I'm a glory boy nigga, you fake silicone
I call my AR Marvin Gaye cause we get it on
In the drop top Rolls Royce smoking big toys
Since I was 16 I was toting big joints
My young niggas come through making big points
And They shooting where ever the kid points
AR 15 making big noise
We got a Andre 3000 on us, Big Boi
You the type to get rob by a bitch boy
When Chino light you up it's not a big boi
Going ape, monkey nuts and a stick boy
My shooters chase you down every inch boy
Like err don't let me climb over that fence boy, err
Going ye ye and a bent boy
Cops pull us over what's the stench boy
That's the dope in my pocket, that's your rent boy
My shooters came through crawling like some ants boy
And turned your Teflon to some lint boy
Golden gun on me like I'm James Bond
Me and my shooters let out shots at the same time
Let's go.... :)

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