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Drama: Naagin 2
Episode: 4th December
Channel: Colors

After three months Shivanya and Ritik are seen running from some one. Suddenly, Shivanya slips and feels extreme pain in her stomach. Ritik takes Shivanya to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby girl, Ritik and Shivanya are surprised as Shivanya gave birth to their child in just three months of her pregnancy. 25 years later, Shivanya is a normal human and Ritik has died. Shivanya didn’t want her daughter Shivangi to become an Ichchadari Naagin. Hence, she seeks the advice of a Guruji, who tells her to get Shivangi married before the age of 25. Rocky Nikunj, son of Ankush’s younger brother, loves Shivangi. Shesha also falls in love with Rocky. Shivanya decides to get Shivangi married to Rocky without knowing that he is Yamini’s foster son. Yamini also accepts the marriage of Rocky and Shivangi with an evil plan. Shesha releases the Mahishmati Kingdom again, resulting in the return of Queen Avantika. Avantika insults Yamini by saying for this she had given 2nd life to Yamini. She says that she wants Naagmani. Yamini says she has to wait for some time more. On the day of the wedding, Yamini, Shesha, Avantika and some others kills all members of Shivangi’s family. Shivanya then disguises as Shivangi (wearing bride dress) and came in front of Shesha, who kills her believing her to be Shivangi. Yamini informs Rocky that Shivangi had been killed. Rocky gets shocked. Guruji informs Shivangi about Shivanya’s past life. Shivangi saw the murderers of Shivanya in her eye. She gets shocked to know that Rocky is also a murderer(actually he was not) and starts to hate him. Now Shivangi vows to take avenge her mother’s death. Sesha and Avantika tries to touch Naagmani but fails. Shivangi had a bad dream and share’s it with Gautami. Shivangi gets confused what to do and she decides to give up her life by falling from the cliff. She jumps from the cliff crying, Shivangi is in shock that she is still alive and then suddenly her half body turns into a golden naagin. She gets scared. Then, she totally turns into Naagin. Shesh Naag reveals to Shivangi that she has to take her mother (Shivanya)’s death revenge and also to protect Naagmani. Shivangi is of 25 now. Next day, Rocky gets engaged to Shesha.On Rocky-Shesha’s marriage day, Shivangi came to Rocky’s house for taking revenge. Yamini shocked to see Shivangi but accepts her as she is the only person which can touch Naagmani. Yamini tells Shesha to ready slowly for marriage. On the other hand, She asks Shivangi to wear bride dress and marry Rocky. Shivangi accepts it. Everyone gets shocked to see Shivangi as bride. Then Shesha came there and scolds Shivangi. Later Shesha also accepts Shivangi for Naagmani. Guruji tells Shivangi to recite three words (Rudhra, Shesha, Shivanya). Shivangi tells them and became completely an Icchadhari Naagin. At first, Shivangi kills first murderer named Amar in temple by calling him by Shesha’s phone.A lawyer named Rudra Shrivastav sees Shivangi in Naagin form. He decides to help Shivangi.He is an Icchadhari Naag. Rudra tells Shivangi that he wants to take revenge from Shesha and Yamini. They both had killed Rudra’s wife just because of Naagmani. Shivangi joins hands with Rudra. Later, Shivangi turns into her Naagin form and when Rocky was sleeping she comes decides to bite him and kill him.

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