For those who don't have an idea what a web series is, its basically normal T.V series just released on web or you call it internet and its the new upcoming trend in INDIA.



TU BEER HAI B#@%&#[email protected] !!
If you haven't heard about it yet,then you have been living in a different world i guess because its so awesome .TVF has done such a great work on making this MASTER PIECE .

Story is about 4 guys having a dream to do a startup of their own and be an ENTREPRENEUR and while doing so what hardship they face and what they loose for it is every thing story is all about which is pretty inspiring but on the other hand has a humorous writing as a whole.

So GO and do watch it -1st SEASON is out :)



Beta tum dono milla kha the ?
aunty photo exhibition ma.
Reality-On tinder .

Bang Baaja Baaraat, the second original Y-Films series.The story is about two crazy families and one mental F#@$%D UP wedding where two people from very different backgrounds fall in love and decide to get married, but not without their parents blessings. Three days before the wedding they introduce each other with their respective parents and all hell breaks lose.

3 Episodes are out,do watch it.



EPIC SCENE - [Do bande jangalo ma hugg rahe the,vaha ek sher aa jata h tho pehla vala dusra sa puchta h ki darr tho nae lag rha tujhe tho pehla vala bolta hai ,nahi tho kyu ? tho dusra vala bolta hai tho sale meri kyu dho rha hai apni dho na . :P ]

The story is about 6 People who came GOA just chill and have fun but it turns out to be the most unexpected and wildest trip of their life and as only 3 episode have been released yet,so i cant say much,but till now its great ,eagerly waiting for the next episode,i have high expectations i hope it live up to that . :)



This is hell of a series,trust me you will die laughing,awesome characters which well played.The story is about KD who was a best party organizer in town,organizing event was his thing But after his club shuts down, he has several choices but none that excite him. Until one night, when he happens to visit his friend's 2 century-old house that's been lying dormant for years and had a plan to open a all night club for people who had no where to go after 12 at night.

Its a pretty old series which used to come on mtv but i still mentioned it in the list because its deserving,it has got 10 episodes,all are available on youtube.You can Go and watch them.


BAKED By Scoop whoop

Wake and Bake at your Service Sir !!

"Baked" is India's most ambitious original fiction web-series which chronicles the misadventures of three university flatmates who decide to start a midnight food delivery service. This genre-bending series takes you on a roller coaster ride as our odd ball trio juggle student life with business, and invariably manage to land themselves into trouble.


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