Here’s What Your Hair Says About You And It’s Freakishly Accurate….


Your hair is as unique as you are. There are a variety of styles and colors to choose from, but have you ever wondered what your choice says about you? Some people say that the way you wear your locks says a lot about you...but until you check it out for yourself, you just can't be sure.


Red Heads: Who Can Even Keep Up?

Red heads are on fire. You can't have a bad time with a girl like this unless you're boring. Watch out, here she comes!


Curly Girls Rule The World
Curls are sexy and seductive, but they also suggest power. If you sport curls, you're likely independent and ambitious.


Wavy Girls Make Waves

Girls with waves are emotional. They are deep and often make great poets and artists.


Nothing Average About Medium

Medium length hair usually signifies logic and rationality. People who wear their hair like this are often easily frustrated or perfectionists.


Short And Sweet

People with short hair like this are kind, sweet, and in touch with their feelings.


Hot Mess Means Love

Messy is sexy. Girls who rock hair like Brigitte are not terribly strong willed and tend to be meek.


If You Force It, Chaos Is Your Game

If you force your hair to do unnatural things, you may be surrounded by a bit of chaos. Slow down, babe


Edgy = Exciting

Pushing your style to the limit could mean you push yourself that way too. People who stick to unconventional styles are adventurous and brave.


Layerd To Perfection

Layers suggest you're active. You love to move and are probably pretty fit or inclined to be so.


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