From school to college: Its not just a phase


We all had been spend a phase of life in schooling but I feel its not just phase it is base of our building. So,go through it and find out.


1.Character- It shapes your character. Your personality, how strong your character is .


2 Decisions –In school life very few decision making belongs to your parents but after schooling life all you need to be strong in your decision making capacity.

2 Decisions

3. Thinking- If you are science student then your thinking may differ from commerce student or humanities student.So, all set from your schooling time.

3. Thinking

4 Love – most of the time we find some one special in our school life other time it becomes crush. So, it is all you learn from school life.

4 Love

5.Communicating manners-Most important how to convey your voice to other the way you talk to younger,elders, friends, family.

5.Communicating manners

6.Future-You choose what you love most after schooling and now adays trend of engineering is going on and all this start framing from scholl life


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3 years ago