Find out hidden meaning behind the brand logos.


Most interesting things hidden behind the most famous brands. A must read post…

Most interesting

1.Alan Turing. Dubbed as father of computer science, cracked enigma codes during world war 2 which saved millions of lives.Being a gay and threat to security by some. He was assassinated with an apple laced with cyanide He died the moment he took a bite into it.

01. Alan Turing

2.The four rings represent 4 founding companies . first ring represent audi ,second represent DK ,third represent horch and last ring wanderej.

02. The four rings represent 4 founding companies

3.BMW (Bayerische Motoren Werke) the logo has been portrayed as the movement of an aircraft propeller with the white blades cutting through a blue sky

03. BMW

4.It symbolizes as mountain, a metaphor for the challenges and perceivable goals that all athlete must meet.

04. adidas-logo

5. Vaio means analog and digital ..

05. Vaio means analog and digital .

6.Amazon the arrow that goes from a to z shoe the wide selection of product sell online

06. Amazon

7.The tri star shows the company’s dominance over the land sea and air against all its competitors both in equality and style.

7.The tri star shows

8.The large yellow representation of letter M indicates a pair of nourishing bread meant to trigger hunger.

8.The large yellow

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