Bohemia – HD Video – Gametime – KDM Mixtape Volume One – (Free Download Mp3 Song) – 2016

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Bohemia – HD Video - Gametime - KDM Mixtape Volume One - (Free Download Mp3 Song) - 2016

The Pioneers of Desi Hip Hop collaborated with some of the most promising Hip Hop artist in the South Asian Hip Hop scene....

On this virtually “HookLess” masterpiece form the Kali Denali Mixtape Volume One, BOHEMIA sets off the cypher only to unleash his hand selected battalion to finish the job....

This groundbreaking track features some of the scenes truest MC’s along with BOHEMIA Including J.HIND x SHAXE ORIAH x PARDHAAN x HAJI SPRINGER x RAXSTAR x 3AM SUKHI x YOUNG DESI x GANGIS KHAN & The Urban Bhangra Phenom DEEP JANDU....

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Bohemia – HD Video - Gametime - KDM Mixtape Volume One - Download Mp3 Song
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Bohemia – HD Video - Gametime - KDM Mixtape Volume One - (Free...

Bohemia – HD Video - Gametime - KDM Mixtape Volume One - (Free Download Mp3 Song)

Posted by Latest Song Lyrics on Friday, April 15, 2016

Song Lyrics

Game time vajje bass line
Thaa rules likhari
Sar par likhe sick crime
Kdm mixtape jiwe criminals
Saare kathe hoke kam karan
Chale bina crime
Good luck!

Ik toh ek khatarnak chaks
Ik te nayi mainu saareyan te chakk
Kise ik di kive karan tareef
Munde jehde mere naal saare 420

Ah chal, I ‘m a 420
Topper food charge 400 fees
(that’s right!)
Eating on 400 fees
Pissing on your pants
Like a 400 leaks
Been in the game
Since the gas tank was on khali
Act up and bring it up
Happy diwali!
Brr.. Waiting for my nana
Was the king of qwaali
I was in my ga.. Kali denali!

Shaxe Oriah:
They keep on bumping
Bumpin my song my song.
I am of the cali confidential
Chakde tu meri jaan
Tu meri jaan ahh!
Kdm double back gun
Yo bhi ton..
If you don’t get right
Mere jaisa duniya mein koi remix
Kar payega…

Huaa game time on
Check karo meri tone
Kafi gusse mein hun
Duniya wale hue moan
Volume one kdm mixtape
Desi hip hop ke
Adventures panga le ga kaun

Aamkandi chhode saare chhode hore
Dainge thare saare dimag ge ke ghode
Jhinke ghutno mein akaal thi
Wo main saare thode
Thok dainge maar kalam ke hathode

Haji Springer:
420 ghode
Brand new bass
And I feeling like a winner
Cuz you know I always win, ah!
You know I am with the kdm uh!
You know we get the money
At the atm uh
So stay the about my way
Well make my day
My young…
And we prolly ought to fade away
Who cares the what the haters say

B, it’s safe to say you ain’t the same
Since you ..
I don’t need your portion
Make way for the apocalyptic horseman
Dudh malai everybody hungry
We don’t pay for nothing now

Deep Jandu:
Munde naal saare 420
Karde nahio kise di rees
Check kar le speed
Gaane aunde repeat
Munde hoge nu fakeer
Hun sarhde shareek

Munde naal saare 420
Dekhon behke khich de neet
Sirre da aa dheed
Jitte jaan hundi hind
Rakhi kali ae dunali vich
Vajjdi aa beat (x2)....

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