Believe me you know nothing about SAMSUNG…



SAMSUNG was founded by lee chull in 1938.At that time the company sold groceries,Noodles,sugar,wool and had 40 employees.And by late 1950's the company moved to insurance and security.In late 1960's company entered into electronics.

Let's see the legacy of Samsung over the years.....


The company is the main contractor in building the Burj khalifa, petronas towers


since 1993 ,Samsung has been the largest producer of memory chips in the world.Infact the first iPhone used the chip manufactured by Samsung.


Over 98% of the AMOLED screen market is dominated by Samsung.It has been the largest manufacturer of the televisions in the world.


Samsung has more employees than Apple,Microsoft,Google COMBINED.In 2014, The net revenue produced the company is 305 Billion more than Apple(182 Billion) and Google(66 Billion).
Samsung has entered in every business we have Samsung eng and construction,samsung heavy industries,tech wing, military arm
For finance, we have Samsung health insurance,trust management,samsung petrochemicals.The Samsung has been making cars over 20 years and the list goes on and on.


under Tech wing the company has been manufacturing weapons,surviellance and a robot which can replace the human counterparts in the demilitarized zone of south and north Korean has also made K9 THUNDER, a full fledged army tank


To our surprise Samsung also builds jet engines.Samsung has the world's most efficient ship building spreads over 4 million square feet

efficient ship

Have you ever thought that a smart phone and home appliances manufacturer also does
1.Jet engines
2.Military equipment
3.Largest skyscraper
4.Ledical research facility
5.Finance institution
6.Largest ship building heavy industries in the world.
It's said that Samsung donates 100 millions dollars to it's non-profit medical center which consists of several hospitals and research facilities.
It's been a surprise for me too...
Happy Dussera Guys

Have you

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