7 must watch movies if you are a die hard romantic !


1. The Ugly Truth

Featuring the queen of romance Katherine Heigl and super sexy Gerard Butler, this could easily be the best 96 minutes of your movie experiences. Abby Richter hates Mike Chadways ideas on love and life . Yet his wierd logics are saving not only her news channel but also her love life. But will this wingman be able to change her miserable love life, or will she change him ?

The Ugly Truth

2. The proposal

Who says that a boss and an employee are a boring pair. Sandra bullock and Ryan Renolds are all set to prove you wrong. She is the meanest boss, he is the kinkiest employee and yet when they are together the spark cannot go unnoticed!

The proposal

3. 27 dresses

Jane Nichols is always always and always a bridesmaid, waiting for her special day to come .When her sister woos and courts the love of her life , she sits back and watches believing its not her time. What she doesn't know is that a man is about to change her world.Watch Katherine Heigl and James Marsden redefining love .

27 dresses

4.Sundays at tiffany

We all have imaginary friends when we are little, but what if these friends come back to our life when we grow up ? If you believe in fairytales then this is the one for you . Its a beautiful fairytale set in today's world with two heartwarming characters and a beautiful message.

Sundays at tiffany


A woman starts planning her ideal wedding ever since she is a little girl. 2 bestfriends get a chance to have an ideal weddings but only one of them can live the dream. Watch Kate Hudson and Anne Hathways as the best brides ever !


6. Just like heaven

Elizabeth is a workaholic, she preaches her work .Will Elizabeth find time for her life, or will life find some time for her ? Based on a mesmerising theme, this movie is a proof that love unites souls, not just bodies. It features Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo at their best .

Just like heaven

7. Sweet home Alabama

Melanie Carmichael has the perfect life, a great job and an ideal boyfriend. But when her loving boyfriend proposes her for marriage her world comes crumbling down to her feet. She has a family to take care of before she starts a new life. This family includes her husband, will Melanie be able to get rid of her past or will she find out what her heart really desires ?

Sweet home Alabama

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