6 Easy hairdos that you can carry daily, without much hustle.


Every girl wants to look good, even best, but when it comes to hair-styling we get confuse how to style our hair especially when we are in a great hurry. So, here are some hair styling tips for you that you can make without anyone's help. I hope these easy hairstyles will help you to give yourself a different look.

#1. Buns are easy to make but you can give it a new look by tying it with a scarf.it will give you a funky and a new look. Just make a high bun and tie it with a scarf.


#2. Every girl loves long hair and a long ponytail but not every girl have long hair. Don't worry girl, now you can fake a long ponytail with these easy steps.
>Part your hair in two parts. Tie the upper one, and, make a pony with the lower one.
>Now, make another pony with the upper parted hair.
And you are done with your ponytail and yes this time a longer one.


#3. Braids are something that can never go out of fashion. Bored of making same plates? Give your braids a new look. Make your braid by putting a scarf in it. And this look of yours will make other girls jealous of you.


#4. A side-low ponytail looks good but it will look even more good if you'll make a side braid. This one you are definitely going to love. Once you're done, be ready to take the compliments then.


#5. Buns gives you a cool look but try the high half-tied bun and let the left over hair loose. To give it a new touch you can put a hair-clip in front of your bun.


#6. Love to keep your hair open but don't have any idea how to keep them loose yet stylish. Then i'll suggest try this simple hairdo. Make a braid only with a small strand of your hair. Its up to you how many braids you want to don.


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