5 Things You’ll Only Do For Your Best Friend….


1. You are the most peaceful, non-violent human being on Earth but if anyone lays a hand on your best friend, your boxing gloves will be on immediately.


2. There are some topics that are off-limits for anyone to joke about! Anyone! Except your best friend of course who has a diploma in joking about off-limit topics!


3. There are some movies that are so stupid you just can't sit through them even for a second! But if your best friend says, 'Come on, it'll be fun', you will sit through the whole thing, even if you complain occasionally!


4. If someone ever loses their temper with you and says something, you'd make sure you never speak to that person again. But when it comes to your best friend, this is more of a weekly occurrence!


5. There are days when you feel low and lose all self-belief. But when your best friend asks you to pick yourself up and keep going, you do it, just because your best friend said so!


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3 years ago