17 Reasons Why Being A Tall Girl Is Not As Easy As You Think….


People ask stupid questions that piss you off. Like, "What's the temperature up there"? "Who is tall in your family"?


People (who don't have to spend a single penny on your wedding) are so concerned about it. "Itni Lambi ladki ke lie ladka kaha se milega". Clearly, tall guys exist in unicorn-land only.


Tall guys swarm around you. Because you are tall no, so you must be desperate to be with a guy who is tall. Who wants the compatibility, likemindedness? It sucks. Big times.


Where ever you go, idiots follow. Everyone is damn interested in knowing your height. You are sick and tired of these questions.


Everyone is overly excited about reminding you how tall you are. "OMG, you are so tall". You are like, I didn't know that. Thanks for the reminder.


Guys feel insecure around you. With height, comes dominance. In this male dominant society, tall girl is every guy's nightmare. You are the biggest threat to their masculinity.


You are tall so you can't wear heels. This is the ground rule. Heels are only to increase height. It is stupid to think that they can compliment your dress and personality.


To find perfect fitting clothes, is like a dream come true.


You somehow manage to shop clothes for yourself. But shopping footwear is so depressing. You end up with the shoes that fit you. Your liking or disliking doesn't even matter.


The awkward moment when you realize that a shorter guy wants to be in a relationship with you. You are like he is so cute. God, why he is short?
Sleepovers are fun. But not for you. You couldn't sleep because your feet are hanging in the air.


Buses, airplanes, movies halls are not height friendly. Discomfort is always there. Lack of legroom space freaks the hell out of you.


In class, you can't sit on the first desk. Because you are tall. End of the story.


You attract so much public attention, that is the price you pay for being tall.


People are always there for your career counselling. Be a model or air hostess and play basketball. If you are tall, you can't be a writer, singer, teacher etc. Credits go to stereotyping.


In photographs, you steal the thunder. You literally stand out in the crowd.


Every hug becomes very uncomfortable. It is to express fondness but in your case, it is a constant reminder that you are very tall.


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3 years ago