Stolen – Rap Bohemia – Sahyba (Download Mp3 Song) 2015

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Stolen - Rap Bohemia - Sahyba (Download Mp3 Song) 2015

Singer: Sahyba
Rapper : Bohemia
Music: Ridhi Rich
Lyrics: Bohemia
Year: 2015

Stolen - Rap Bohemia - Sahyba - Download Mp3 Song
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Yeah .. Aah..
I Dont Know What You Trying to Say..
But i Dont Think Its Farewell
Yeah .. Hear Me Up..

Hunda Zindagi Ch Pyar Ik
Pyar Vich Dil Do..
Aashique Nibha K Soni Kahendi..
Hun Do Mere Show..
Yeah I Dont Get You Know More
You Don't Mean I Dont Care No More

Soniye Main Rap Star..
TU Mainu Das
Kyu Main Na Kran Show ..

Na Jawa Club Mundeyan naal
Na Gall Kran Kudiyan Naal..
Chad Ta Sareya Nu..
Ladda Sari Duniya Naal..

Yeah Main Lene Show..
Mere Kol Bacheya Ni Kujh Hor..
Sade Pyar Ch Dil Billo Dubeya Ni ik
Sadde Pyar Ch Billo Dil Khoye 2..

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