I’m Not As Intelligent As Aamir Khan: Amitabh Bachchan on Bollywood’s Marketing Gimmicks


I’m Not As Intelligent As Aamir Khan Amitabh Bachchan on Bollywood’s Marketing Gimmicks

A new trend has caught up with filmmakers and actors in current times. Speak nothing about the film’s story and leave audiences guessing about the plot till the date of its release. Gone are the good old days when the directors and actors used to reach out with their film’s story to the masses through the media. In today’s fast-paced marketing world, Bollywood likes to weave an element of mystery around movies by revealing ever so little about the plot. Everyone likes to keep their card close to their chests.

When asked about this new marketing innovation, Bachchan offered his take: “One thing is you tell the story to people and then they come and watch the film. But there are some people who feel that if that is done it will take away the novelty factor. These are the people who feel the other way. They think, ‘Okay, hold on to the story. Why declare it right now? Maybe, we will give a hint or two in the trailer. Make it attractive. Make it expectant for people to hope that they going to see something that will be surprising. These are the two versions. They may be both right and they may be both wrong.”

There is no doubt that filmmakers refuse to reveal their story only to build up curiosity among common masses about the film which will ultimately prompt them to flock to theatres in hordes to discover what the movie is all about. One of the pioneers of this strategy is Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan who brilliantly kept the suspense alive about PK successfully till the date of its release. Aamir who markets every film of his in a different manner believes that marketing is nothing but creating a desire to consume.

When Bachchan was asked to comment on Aamir’s statement, the superstar said, “I am not as intelligent as Aamir Khan. I am barely managing to be in front of the camera. There are many people who know marketing well and surely Aamir knows much more than I do.”

Well, we think you are being modest, Mr. Bachchan.

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3 years ago