Aamir khan Apologies for unintentional Hurting People’s Sentiments in his movie ‘PK’


PK Aamir khan movie

Bollywood actor Aamir Khan yesterday apologized to all those people that hurt the religious sentiments of any member of his or her team did not intend.

Aamir Khan was at PK DVD launch where he said “The film has been loved by majority. Personally I want to say I feel bad if I hurt a single person that was not my intention at all. Why we wanted to tell this, is because, it was an important point. But I want to apologies if I hurt people”.

This was an important issue and wanted it accessible. He said on the occasion that you have worked hard to make a film and then the audience like it is quite reassuring. The 'PK' overall business was 500 million.


3 years ago