A Personal Power plant in the Palm of Your Hand

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The problem with most portable battery-based chargers is that you still need to plug them into a wall socket to gain a charge. While some inventors have turned to solar, or even wind power, for off-the-grid power sources, solar and wind power take time and require Mother Nature to provide sun or wind. Enter Kraftwerk, a fuel-based hand-held portable generator that has launched as a Kickstarter project.

Kraftwerk is essentially a tiny power plant you can hold in your hand to produce electricity. Its USB plugin charges hand-held devices, such as smartphones or cameras.


How It works

Insert a small amount of standard lighter gas, camping gas, or butane, then plug your device into the single USB port. Kraftwerk will start charging immediately. Just like an electrical outlet, there are no buttons. It's that easy. Better yet, Kraftwerk does not require any sort of proprietary cartridge, and the fuel you need to run it is readily available around the world. One filling of fuel will provide enough energy to charge a typical iPhone about 11 times.


Each Kraftwerk measures a little less than 3 x 4 inches, and is 1.18 inches thick. eZelleron says Kraftwerk is very quiet, and while it does get warm, it's protected against overheating. You can use it pretty much anywhere, including in the cabin of an airplane.


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3 years ago